Nothing but potatoes

Nothing but potatoes

[ Dec.2013 ] On the day we had a excursion to Kawagoe in Japan, we only ate potatoes there.

Kawagoe is famous for its potatoes.

First, we tried baked sweet potato cut in triangle like a rice ball.

It was delicious so I bought a pack, then the seller man said ” take these, too” and gave me two big sweet potatoes.

Apparently he made one potato of 5 kg recently.

For the lunch, we went to one of the restaurants along the main street of warehouse style houses.

What we ate were potato noodle, rice with yam, and potato ice cream.

On top of that, we drank the local potato beer called Coedo, which was very good with the similar taste to black beer.

I wanted to buy some bottles, but because the sweet potatoes I was given earlier were very heavy, I gave up buying beer.