“Tombs of Kings” without any kings

“Tombs of Kings” without any kings

[ Mar.2015 ] Our Cyprus holiday started badly, but we pulled ourselves together and went out for sightseeing.

The first place we went was the ruins called “Tombs of Kings” in Paphos.

This is a huge cemetery which was used from the Hellenistic to Roman period.

Because of the grand tombs, they call it tombs of kings, but in fact, there is no evidence that kings were buried here.

Some tombs were used for refuge by early Christians and others were inhabited by hermits.

The archaelogists have been interested in this site since the 19th century, but it was only 1977 that they started excavating systematically.

On the day we were there at the end of March, the sun was shining and the flowers were everywhere and the colour of the sea over there were so beautiful that we started feeling happy.