Staircases are canvas

Staircases are canvas

[ Dec.2015 ] We found this staircase on the way down to Plaza Victoria from Bellavista Hill in Valparaiso in Chile.

It was so lovely.

Every step had the intricate picture.

There was a colourful staircase on Concepcion Hill as well.

Chilean people seem to think that staircases are canvas.

Later in the tour, we saw another beautiful staircase in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but again this one was made by a Chilean artist.

In Valparaiso, apparently there is another interesting staircase which looks like a keyboard.

We missed that.

That is another reason to go back there…

Bellavista Hill had many colourful houses and murals, too, though we did not see many shops or restaurants.

According to our tour leader, Bellavista Hill was developed as an art space before Concepcion Hill.

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