Sky Tree experience

Sky Tree experience

[ Jan.2014 ] Tokyo Sky Tree is not the new news any more, but we went up there first time this time.

My friend had booked the tickets, so we did not have to wait at all and in a few minutes, we were people in the sky.

First, we enjoyed the view from the Tembo Deck of 350m high and then paid extra charge to go up to 445 – 450m Tembo Galleria.

My friend chose this particular time after checking the sunset time of the day, so we could enjoy the changing light from before the sunset to the night time.

I recommend this.

The most beautiful time was soon after the sunset, when the lights of buildings increased gradually and got to the peak.

Later, people went home after work and lights of some of the building went off, so the view became dark.

We had our dinner at a restaurant on the 30th floor, so we could thoroughly enjoy the view.

Tokyo from the sky…

it was mesmerizing.

I was wondering how many people live here.

Also I felt it was rather fragile existence.

If a giant sweeps this with with a huge broom —-

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