Night view

Night view

[ Sept.

2014 ] This was my first visit to Hokkaido, but I had known that Hakodate’s night view was worth seeing.

So around the time of the sunset, we took the ropeway to the top of Mount Hakodate.

When we arrived, there were clouds in the sky and the view was rather blurred, but already some people were taking up their position.

As we still had a while to see the real night view, we went to the coffee shop and waited there having a glass of white wine.

While we were relaxing there, we suddenly realised that the night view was already there.

We hurried to the observatory and found that the place was full of people.

I felt a bit put off, but we came all the way here, so tried to be patient and waited.

Little by little we moved to the front row and finally the vast night view was in front of me.

Surely it was wonderful. Both side of the land are the sea, which makes the scenery spectacular.

The ropeway on the way back was a real mess.

We happened to be with a large Chinese group.