Seafood and whisky

[Sept. 2023] We had dinner on the Isle of Barra in the Hebrides of Scotland at the hotel we stayed at. The hotel is Castlebay Hotel in Castlebay, the only town-like town on the island….


French burgers always have cheese

[July 2023] After visiting the Millet Museum in Barbizon, France, we continued walking along the main straight road in the village. Because it is the famous art village, there were some innovative works of art…


Vin Santo found in the uninspiring new town

[June 2023] After having a very satisfying lunch in the old town of Certaldo, a town in the Tuscany region of Italy, we took a walk around the area, but the clouds seemed to be…


Sake and tofu meal

[Feb. 2023] During our temporary return to Japan, two friends from my university days made reservations for a tour and a meal at Ozawa Sake Brewery in Okutama, Tokyo. “The sake brewery tour starts at…


Delicious food that looks bad for you

[Dec. 2022] I continue talking about our journey in Spain during the year-end and New Year holidays. The next day, we left Extremadura and went to Salamanca by bus. Salamanca is a university town described…


Ice cream for breakfast?

[ Aug.2022 ] In the morning in Syracuse in the southeastern part of Sicily, Italy, we went out for an Italian breakfast, croissants and cappuccino. The Airbnb where we stayed was in the new town,…


About the wine here

[April 2022] Melnik, a village in the southwest of Bulgaria, has long been known as a wine-producing region. Many of the traditional houses in the village have wine cellars, and Hotel Slavova Krepost, where we…

Bachkovo Monastery

About simple lunch and waiting for the bus

[Apr. 2022] After visiting Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria, we had a light lunch at one of the cafeterias along the approach. The name is Bistro Abdera. The reason I chose this one among the cafeterias…


Fascinating port wine

[Jan. 2022] During our stay in Oporto, a town in northern Portugal, we went for a walk after it got dark a few times. Mostly to the bustling areas along the Douro River. The famous…