Getting drunk comfortably

Getting drunk comfortably

[ Jan.2016 ] After eating good meat in Paraty in Brazil, we had a walk around the town at night.

Because this was a touristy place, the shops were open late, so we did a bit of souvenir shopping.

When we were coming back to the hotel finally, we came across a kind of pub with the nice live music.

The place was called Paraty 33 and already very crowded.

We managed to find a table there.

It was quite professional Bossa Nova music.

My husband was very happy because he loves this kind of music.

We listened to it, drinking Mojito and Daiquiri.

When I looked around at other customers, I found one huge fat man’s head was moving to the rhythm and a young woman who looked bored started singing along when the music came to the climax.

There were a few screens in the pub showing a football match.

We had a lovely time feeling that this is Brazil.

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