From Sugarloaf Mountain

From Sugarloaf Mountain

[ Jan.2016 ] On the second day of our stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilwe went up to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain early in the morning.

We took two cable cars to get there.

Maybe because it was early, it was not so crowded and we could relax and enjoy the view.

I could see that this city had many hills and there were numerous high-rise buildings among them.

And there were 3 or 4 villages with small houses around the city.

They looked rather pretty from afar, but in fact these were Favelas, the slums.

They say if you went into any of those Favelas by mistake, it would be not easy to get out without being robbed.

That reminded me of the scenes we saw in the town that some dirty looking people lying around and sleeping.

I have never seen anything like this anywhere apart from our time in India.

This city seemed to have a huge divide in society between rich and poor.