The oldest beer garden in Munich

The oldest beer garden in Munich

[ May, 2013 ] Our destination in the Englischergarten in Munich was the beer garden around the “Chinese Tower”.

This beer garden has been here since 1791 and the oldest in Munich.

Here, we had a mug of beer and the sausage for lunch as usual, but there is one thing I noticed.

Until last time I came here, the majority of people were drinking beer with 1 littre mug, but this time, only tourists and older people were drinking that.

The younger locals were with 0.5 littre mugs.

The trend seems to have been changed.

This Chinese Tower was built during the Oriental boom in 18th century.

There is also a Japanese tea house in this park, which was built in 1972 in memory of Munich Olympics.

Apparently it is still used 8 times a month.