Dynamic Traditional Dish

Dynamic Traditional Dish

[ Aug.2015 ] The first thing we did in Dresden in Germany was to eat.

Because our hotel was in the middle of the Old Town, there were a lot of restaurants around there.

We went in to one of them, called Kutcherschänke.

German words are very long for me to pronounce them.

Anyway, we thought we should try traditional food first, so chose the mixed dish of the local food.

The sausages, pork, thick ham, over-cooked kidney beans, potato, onion rings and so on, were all on one big plate.

We ate them with black beer.


I felt I became a bit primitive.

All my efforts of the last few weeks in the sports gym were cancelled.

Around here, the staff in restaurants wear lovely costumes, maybe because they are for tourists.

The interior of the restaurants were traditional, too.

This restaurant has been there for a long time as an inn, for both people and horses, to have a rest.

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