Moritzburg Castle

Moritzburg Castle

[ Sept.2015 ] The Moritzburg Castle in Saxony, Germany is standing on an artificial island in a lake, which looked really lovely.

The reflections of the yellow walls and red roofs were so pretty that it was like a castle in a fairy tale.

This place was originally built by Maurice, Elector of Saxony in the 16th century, as a simple hunting lodge.

In the 18th century, Augustus the Strong made it a luxurious castle.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside.

The main attraction was the dining room, with many sets of antlers.

I have never seen so many antlers.

Some were apparently very rare in the world.

The walls of the guest rooms were made of leather.

There was a wall hanging made of painted feathers, too.

One of the paintings attracted my attention.

In the picture, people are driving deer into a kind of stadium where many dressed-up spectators are watching and men are shooting the deer.

I am not sure if they really used to do this kind of things, though (the explanation was written only in German).