This is the Bakhchisarai Fountain

This is the Bakhchisarai Fountain

[ July 2013 ] Some years ago, I saw a ballet called Bakhchisarai Fountain in St.Petersburg in Russia.

Until I started looking into Crimea as our holiday destination, I did not know this fountain existed.

This is it in the photo and it is in Han’s Palace in Bakhchisarai.

The story goes like this: the Khan who was more than 70 years old fell in love with a Polish slave who was only a teenager.

One of his wives killed her animated by jealousy and this wife was executed.

The Khan got into deep depression crying day and night forgetting important affairs of state.

And this fountain was made as a fountain of tears.

The writer, Pushkin visited here and heard this story.

He got touched by it and made a long poem, so this fountain became very famous in the world.

There are always two roses, red and white there.

This practice was started by Pushkin.