Cave monastery

Cave monastery

[ July, 2013 ] In Bakhchisarai in Crimea, there is a cave monastery, called Uspensky Monastery.

There is no evidence, but they say it was founded in the 8th century.

It is built into the limestone rock, which is impressive.

During Soviet era, it was closed, but after the collapse of USSR, it was open again and now there are about 100 monks living there.

When you enter Orthodox Church, women need to cover their head.

My straw hat was OK.

Usually scarves and waistcloth for those with mini-skirt and shorts are at the entrance and you can borrow them.

According to Svetlana, our guide, women had to wear scarves even outside of the church in their ordinary life in the past, like Muslims.

Men, on the other hand, have to take off their hats when they go into the church.

We went into the church in the monastery, but photography was not allowed.

People were queuing to tell the names to the staff, which they want to be mentioned during the service.