Tasty things

Tasty things

[ July, 2013 ] This is a dessert we had in Yalta.

There is some cherry inside the skin and you dip into the honey sauce.

They called it Variniki.

Other thing I ate and liked was a fish from Black Sea called Katran…well, it sounded like that.

Our guide, Svetlana said it is a kind of shark, but I am not sure.

When it was grilled, the taste was not that great, but sauteed one was very good.

Also, a chicken dish with garlic sauce — could have been Georgean Tabaka dish — was delicious.

The hotel served breakfast in the buffet style and I liked that they always had a few kinds salad every morning.

In Europe, they usually serve only some cheese and ham, and in England they eat cooked breakfast ie bacon, egg, grilled tomato and mushrooms.

Maybe because I grew up having salad for breakfast, I liked this Ukrainian way.