This never happened before

This never happened before

[ Mar.2015 ] For our Cyprus holiday, we booked the flight and the hotel through online travel agency.

When we arrived at the hotel in Paphos, nobody was at the reception, so we called out to the annexed restaurant.

Finally one woman came out reluctantly and said that she could not find our bookings.

It was the worst start and it got worse and worse.

The room we got eventually was dark like a brothel (though I have never been one).

This photo is the view from the room window, but this curtain was dirty, probably never washed.

The milk for the breakfast smelled.

And in the second morning, we did not have the hot water, which made us decide to leave here.

On the internet site, it was described as “a quaint hotel housed in an old traditional house”, but in fact it was simply “an old dirty cheap inn”.

Later we learned that it happened that the owner who usually looks after the customers were in hospital those two days, but I think he needed to have arranged so that the customers did not have any problems.

The annexed restaurant was not bad actually.

The meal there was simple and tasty.

The name of this place is Kiniras Traditional Hotel.