To Capri in the Rain

To Capri in the Rain

[ Oct.2015 ] It was raining on the second day in Sorrento, southern Italy.

According to the forecast, the weather should have improved but, in the end, we had rain all day.

However, as this was a rare occasion, we decided to go to Capri.

At the port of Sorrento, a middle aged man called us and offered his service as a guide.

We decided to go for it.

It was the right decision.

He was a really interesting person.

All of his explanations were somewhat theatrical and funny and we did not get tired at all.

Although the scenery was rather dull because of the weather, thanks to him, my family were all happy.

He was a good guide, knowing which toilet to use and at which time we should stand up to get off the boat and so on.

His name was Salvio. He was 65 years of age and has 5 children.

He has been to Japan twice and that story was funny, too.

He said “The first time at one Japanese restaurant, one of the chefs said he had studied cooking in Naples and could cook Aglio Olio pasta very well.

So after the main meal, we asked him to cook the pasta and it was incredibly good.

I told this to my friends after coming back to Naples and they all wanted to eat it, so we went back to Japan. This time, there was 11 of us”.