Milan Photomarathon, Hoping for Third Time Lucky

Milan Photomarathon, Hoping for Third Time Lucky

[ June 2018 ] We joined the Milan Photomarathon again this year.

This was the third time for us (explanation of the Photomarathon is here).

For us it was the third, but as an organisation, it was the fifth Photomarathon in Milan.

We have participated in quite a few Photomarathons, not only in Milan, but so far we have not won any prizes.

Well, it is OK, as we enjoy participating anyway.

So, as usual, we went to the meeting place at around 9:30am.

We found that there were more younger people than in previous times.

That is maybe because an art school was supporting the event this year so the students were probably taking part.

We went to greet the organiser with the blue sunglasses and received the familiar blue Tshirt.

The first three themes were 1: My Milan, 2:the Dance in the City, and 3:Dream Architecture, which were fairly approachable.

We took the metro and went to the Duomo area.

I took a photo of people getting on and off the train for the Dance of the City, which satisfied me, but afterwards we found out that many people had taken similar picturues for the theme.

Everybody thinks the same way…

When we gathered at 1pm, we got the themes 4: At Full Speed, 5: Diversity Makes Difference, and 6:Like Cats and Dogs.

In Italian, ‘like cats and dogs’ apparently has the meaning like ‘children wrestle with each other’.

That was difficult.

Nobody wrestles in public, do they?

The organiser said at one point “It doesn’t matter if your photo matches the theme or not. Interpretation is free. So send whatever you took anyway”.

I like that attitude.

In the end, I took a photo of children romping around in the fountain like dogs, though they were not wrestling.

The last 3 themes at 4 pm were 7: In the Shade, 8: They Will Be All Yours One Day, and 9: A Breath in the Life

They got more difficult, but we were already tired at this point, so we headed for our hotel taking photos here and there.

The submission has to be done by midnight the next day, so we usually submit the photos the next day, but this time we found that we could do it on the day, after 5pm.

So at the hotel, we downloaded the photos and adjusted the size and submitted them quickly.

When I see the 9 photos I chose for myself, I felt satisfied and felt like winning some prizes.

Well, I feel the same every time.

My husband did not seem to have as much enthusiasm as he had had before, and sent only 7 photos this time.

The result will be announced in 3 – 4 months time when we will have forgetten about this.

If we get a prize, I will announce that with a lot of fanfare.

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