meat dish in Solferino

meat dish in Solferino

[ Oct.2017 ] I saw a weird photo of a wall with many skulls on a website and found out that it was in a town called Solferino which is not too far from Milan in Italy.

So we went there.

Before seeing the wall of skulls, we went to a closed restaurant just to book, but the staff there told us that they were going to open in 10 minutes, so we decided to eat first.

And that was a good choice, because while we were eating, more and more people came in and this fairly large restaurant became full.

The name of the restaurant is Locanda Avanguardia which we had found on the internet beforehand.

On their menu, there were various local foods.

For the starter, we ordered not only the mixture of ham and salami, but also the local small ravioli with some meat in them.

There was a choice, either to make this ravioli to be a soup, or cooked with butter and we chose the latter.

And then, for the main we had their special mixed meats.

The waitress brought an equipment of the size of a small table and started explaining.

This equipment had three compartments and when she opened the lid of the first part, there were 6 or 7 kinds of roasted meats.

In the second compartment, there were 6 or 7 kinds of boiled meats and the third was vegetables.

The meats were beef, pork, chicken, tongue, knuckles of pork, Cotechino (very rich big sausage) and so on.

The local people know what they want and they were choosing some of them, but we asked her to serve a small portion of everything.

There were five kinds of sauces including horseradish, parsley and Mostarda (sweet and hot marinated fruits) and we asked her to put all of them on plates.

It was really a big meal, but each meat tasted different and nice, so we ate them all.

The bill was €83 ( £73, $102) including a bottle of red wine and ice cream.

The price in the countryside is really good.

I had imagined that this restaurant would be more old fashioned as it is in the countryside, but in fact, it was bright and modern and larger than I thought.

And the staff was young, though most of the customers were elderly.

They were selling local wines and cakes, so we bought a box of baked cake called La Sbrisolona.

It was simple but very nice.