To Porvoo

To Porvoo

[ Aug.2015 ] Porvoo is the second oldest town in Finland situated on the south coast of the country.

We went there from Helsinki, joining a tour.

This tour did not have any guide and they just took us there, so we walked around freely.

The old town is nothing other than a tourist attraction and there were many souvenirs, craft and antique shops as well as restaurants.

Nonetheless it was a really pretty town and I did not get tired of walking there.

In a square, they were having a small craft market where I enjoyed shopping.

There was a cathedral of mid 15th century on the hill.

Unfortunately it closed early on Saturdays, so we could not get in, but the building itself was handsome.

The stone paved slope to get there was quaint, too.

We found the tourist office towards the end of our free time.

There were much more things to see in this town according to the leaflet we got there.

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