A Gospel Choir of 500 Voices

A Gospel Choir of 500 Voices

[ Sept.2015 ] A gospel choir of 500 voices sang in front of Duomo in Milan.

This was the third time they had performed, following 2011 and 2014.

There was a fence behind the seats for the guests, and the general public, like us, gathered behind it.

We went there about one hour before they started and waited, but we were already in the third row.

It just so happened that tall people stood on the first row, so when it started, I could hardly see the soloist who had a great voice.

500 people’s singing was powerful and it was worth listening to.

They were gospel music fans who came from all over Italy.

The location was lovely, too. The Duomo was illuminated in blue.

There was a guest from Chicago, USA, the home of gospel music.

He was African-American and sang a little, but I could not see him at first.

He did not sing very much but did a lot of calling, so I thought that he was not that good.

But towards the end, I could see him and understood why he was invited.

His body movements with the music was totally different and so upbeat, which made us dance naturally.

I think this is something that only black people have and not us or white people.

The show started at around 8:30pm and ended at 10:45pm.

We stood there from one hour before the beginning, so you can imagine how badly my feet were hurting…

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