A major source of rice

A major source of rice

[ Sept.2015 ] We went to a restaurant called Antica Osteria ai Vini in the centre of Novara, a town in Piedmont in Italy.

We chose this one because it had a good reputation in the internet.

This photo is the risotto my husband chose.

The colours are not so exciting, but he said the combination of courgette and mint was superb.

Apparently this area in Piedmont is famous for its rice.

I should try that one time, though my duck was very nice, too.

For the starter, we had a mixed ham and salami.

And the bill was surprisingly reasonable.

By the way, the old couple who sat behind me was complaining on each dish they were served.

They were not rude, though.

The waitress were receiving their criticism very patiently and politely and in the end she was saying “We would not take any money for the dishes you did not like”.

I do not know if the couple paid or not, but I thought that might be their purpose.

But according to my husband, the wife had some disability so they might have been just unhappy people…

I was quite impressed by the staff’s good reaction.

If the same thing happens in one of those recent trendy restaurants in London…

just imagining that makes me feel unpleasant.

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