The delicious foods we had in Cefalu

The delicious foods we had in Cefalu

[Jan. 2024] One of the things I was looking forward to in Cefalu, a seaside town on the Italian island of Sicily was lunch.

Because it’s by the sea, I thought I could eat fresh seafood.

the view seen from Liberty, a restaurant in Cefalu, Sicily in Italy
having a meal seeing this view

However, it was early in the year, and many restaurants were closed.

My husband called a place he found online, but it was no good.

So we decided to go to a restaurant a little early, whose front door attracted us.

In the end, the restaurant we went to was called Liberty.

The name was not very attractive, but I ended up being very satisfied.

Since we were early, we were the first ones there.

Tartare di Tonno at Liberty, a restaurant in Cefalu, Sicily in Italy
delicious Tartare di Tonno

We were shown to a terrace seat facing the sea, but it wasn’t that warm, so they rolled down the plastic window (?) to keep the wind out.

We ate while watching the waves crashing against the rugged rocks, and the atmosphere was nice.

First, I shared the Tartare di Tonno (tuna tartare steak) with my husband as a starter.

It went well with the red pepper sauce and was delicious.

For the main course, I had Pasta di Ricci (sea urchin pasta).

I don’t usually choose pasta, but I was drawn to the sea urchin.

the sea urchin pasta at Liberty, a restaurant in Cefalu, Sicily in Italy
very sweet prawns on top of the sea urchin pasta

The sea urchin was great, but the prawns on top was very sweet and absolutely delicious.

The spaghetti wasn’t as smooth as I like, but it wasn’t too thick and was al dente, of course, which was good.

My husband had linguine called Delisiosa.

He said that the scampi on top of the pasta was also sweet and tasty.

For dessert, we shared Pistacchio Semifreddo, which was just the right amount for two of us.

We are getting older now, so we have to be careful not to eat too much.

the pistachio semifreddo at Liberty, a restaurant in Cefalu, Sicily in Italy
pistachio semifreddo did not go well with our wine

Then, something strange happened.

The wine I had been enjoying up until then, Murgo Bianco, suddenly tasted terrible as I started to eat dessert.

Not only I, but my husband felt the same way, so perhaps this means that this wine and pistachios just don’t go well together.

This was the first time I’d ever experienced something like this.

So I couldn’t finish the wine.

All in all, the bill came to €94.40 , which wasn’t cheap, but I was very satisfied.