EXPO in Milan

EXPO in Milan

[ Sept.2015 ] This year, Milan is hosting an EXPO with the theme of “food” from May to the end of October.

We went there finally in September.

By then, it had been on for a while, so we looked up online to see its reputation and wrote down the pavilions we wanted to visit.

However, that was a waste of time because the queues for the popular pavilions were overwhelming.

Even just to enter the site, there were so many people.

We chose to go on Monday because we thought there would be fewer people and used the metro, so we managed to avoid the first crowd to enter the site.

One of the most popular pavilions was Japan.

The waiting time on the day was 3 hours and 10 minutes, but apparently the worst record was 7 hours.

“Why?” I asked the staff member trying to keep the queue in order.

She explained that because there were as many as 9 rooms with high-tech exhibitions and it took at least 50 minutes to see everything.

Apart from the Japanese pavilion, UAE and Italy had long queues.

Although it was September, it was a hot day, and we did not have that sort of stamina, so we just enjoyed the less popular pavilions.