After the horse racing

After the horse racing

[ May 2013 ] The man in a shop in Chester, England where I bought a small souvenir said ” the horse racing has finished, now it is a time for a big business”.

There is a racecourse in this city and horse racing is the main entertainment for the people around here.

As the man said, after a short while, a big crowd poured into the centre.

They were all dressed up and they are incredibly a lot.

They dress up and have a picnic on the grass in the racecourse, and afterwards go into the town to eat and drink with the excuse of horse racing.

All of the men were wearing a suit with a tie and women were in dresses showing their skins and wearing high heeled shoes.

When they were getting drunk, wearing high heel were too difficult for them, so they took off and carried them on their hands and walked with bare feet.

It was interesting to look at all these people.