Mecca of skateboarding

Mecca of skateboarding

[ June, 2013 ] South Bank is the south side of Thames River in central London.

It used to be an area of warehouses, but since 1980s it has been developed to be the art and cultural centre of London with theatres and museums.

A part of the space here is called the Undercroft where young people practise skateboarding.

The surrounding walls are full of graffiti.

Always some people are practising eagerly.

The other day, when I walked near there, I noticed a few people who were trying to collect signatures from passers-by.

Apparently, there is a plan to relocate this practice space and build more art and cultural facilities and shops here.

These people were opposing it.

They say that the Undercroft has been here since 1970s and now it is world famous for skateboarders.

And it is a kind of tourist destination, too.

The number of the signature is now over 50000.

i wonder who wins.