All in a sweat

All in a sweat

[ Sept.2014 ] On the day when we joined the tour to Isle of Wight, after lunch at the seaside of Shanklin, we went up to the old village on top of the cliff.

From the beach you can take a lift up to the village.

When we arrived at the top, we could not see the village and moved about in confusion.

In fact, the village of this photo was not just on the cliff, but about 10 minutes walk away.

We wanted walk around here, but noticed that our time was up.

We hurried back to the lift and went down to the meeting place in a panic.

I usually do not sweat a lot, but this time, I did.

I think the itinerary that gave only 1 and a half hours in Shanklin including eating was too short.

Especially when the weather was fine like that day, they should give us much more time there.

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