To Isle of Wight

To Isle of Wight

[ Sept.

2014 ] We joined a one day tour to Isle of Wight, south of England, because I found a good discount offer.

The meeting time was very early.

The bus journey from London was 2 and a half hours and then we took the ferry which took about one hour.

In the map, the island looks just off the shor of the mainland, but the ferry started from Southampton port, which is far inside the bay and that is why it took long time.

Isle of Wight has been famous as a holiday resort since Victorian time and Queen Victoria herself had a summer house there.

More recently in 1970, they had a legendary rock festival which Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and other famous musicians participated.

They still have the annual music festival in June and 50000 to 60000 people go.

But apart from that, the island seemed very quiet and island's people's age seemed higher.