Three countries facing one another (Iguazu - Argentina)

Three countries facing one another

[ Jan.2016 ] After enjoying Iguazu Falls, we went to the point where Iguazu river meets Parana river.

We stood in Argentina.

In front of us it was Brazil and on the lefthand side it was Paraguay.

This point is called Triple Frontier ( it seems that a film will be made about this area).

It was interesting to see Paraguay where we did not go this time.

According to our tour leader who travelled all over the place in South America, there is nothing to see in Paraguay.

He said “It is not a place you should bother to go”.

And the waiter we met later in a restaurant said “Paraguay is the most typical South American country.

It is so chaotic, 10 times more chaotic than Naples in Italy”.

I am curious to see it…

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