I tried Mate tea in Iguazu

I tried Mate tea in Iguazu

[ Jan.2016 ] Our tour leader, who was English but an expert on the life in South America, was drinking Mate all the time from the start of our travels.

He had his own cup and pot and drank it with a metal straw little by little.

It seemed that he was addicted.

He asked if we wanted to try, but I felt a bit awkward to share the straw.

But in fact, in South America, it is a custom to share Mate among friends.

We saw some groups of people carrying Mate sets.

The only place I could try Mate was at the hotel in Iguazu.

It was one of the things they served at the breakfast buffet.

I am not sure if I prepared it correctly, but the taste was very bitter and a bit similar to tobacco.

I learned later that apparently I chose the most bitter kind among the ones on the table.

By the way, I had another Mate later at a cafe in Brazil.

This one was totally different.

It was cold and sweet and very easy to drink.

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