Extensive room

Extensive room

[ Aug.2014 ] This is a photo of open-air bath belonging to our room in the ryokan (Japanese style hotel).

It is a hot spring bath, but because of the noise problem, it was the rule that we mustn’t keep the water running all the time, which was not very satisfactory to me.

But in stead, the room was vast.

Probably it had about 30 tatami-mat space (about 49 square metre).

It was on the corner on the 3rd floor and a Japanese garden was surrounding it.

It is a shame that I could not take a good photo which shows the size of the room.

This ryokan was called “Shin Kadoya”, which was founded in 1892.

It started as a branch of an even older ryokan and originally situated in the centre of Atami.

But the original house was burnt down when Atami had a very bad fire in 1950, so it moved up on a hill, where a famous Japanese politician Ichiro Hatoyama had a villa.

All these were written in the leaflet there.

By the way, Atami used to be a popular destination for company trips.

Maybe that is why the room was so big.

I wonder if people in Japan still have the company trips?