The Town for the ‘Salary Men’

The Town for the ‘Salary Men’

[ May, 2015 ] I thought Shimbashi in Tokyo, Japan, had completely changed, because the last few times I met with my friends at the Shiodome side of the station, which has been redeveloped, it looked like a futuristic town.

But in fact, the old fashioned Shimbashi was still there, alive and kicking.

This time, we met our friends at the Hibiya entrance of the station.

Because we had a bit of time, I enjoyed watching all those ‘salary men’, the white collar male workers.

There was a van with a group of politically far right-wing people making their speech very loudly, which was ignored by most of the salary men, who were standing waiting for others to come.

I noticed one autumnal man coming out of the station and hurrying towards the lottery vendor without looking aside.

There are a lot of Japanese style pubs around here and we went to one of them.

The tables were individually separated, making many small booths in the restaurant, so we could relax.

The food and the sake were very good.

We tried 5 kinds of sake there.

We have to admit that we drank quite a lot, but the middle-aged men near us, whom we could not see because they were in the different room, seemed to have drunk a lot.

We heard their voice went higher and higher.

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