Disappointing hot spring

Disappointing hot spring

[ Aug.2013 ] The thing I was looking forward to during the sight seeing sailing around Santorini was the hot spring which is supposed to appear around a small island of Palia Kamani.You can swim there.

They said it was deep, so I asked for a life jacket (only one among about 40 passengers).The stuff dressed me up with the red jacket and told me not to go far away from the boat.

Then I jumped into the water.But it was not so warm.

Apparently it is about 7~8 degree warmer than usual water and the temperature should be around 33 degree.It seemed that the place where the boat could anchor was too far from the land, and the warmer area was nearer to the land.The water edge of the island looked brown like a real hot spring.

But I am not good at swimming and having been told not to go far, I gave up going there. What a shame….