[ May, 2014 ] I remember learning about Etruscans in the history class at school long long time ago.

Apparently they were the people who lived in Italy before the ancient Roman Empire.

Their main area was Tuscany.

They expanded from there to Po River in the north and Campania (where Naples is) in the south around 750 – 500 BC, but when the Roman power developed, they were included in the Empire and extincted in the end.

Etruscans had their own language and they were good at crafts such as goldwork.

In their culture, women had more power than in any other ancient civilization.

They seems very attractive people.

This time we went to Tuscany, keeping them in our mind.

The first town was Volterra, which was one of the cities of Etruscan League established 600 – 500 BC.

This is an old town where people  have been always living since 8th century BC.