the indoor market in Alghero

the indoor market in Alghero

[ Aug.2020 ] It was the third day in Alghero, the town in north western Sardinia in Italy.

they were very sweet

This holiday was so-called ‘Worcation’, so my posts are naturally more like my diary.

We had light breakfast, peaches from the supermarket.

These peaches were surprisingly sweet.

This was one proof of the high level of the quality life here.

As always, like our everyday life in London, my husband went out for a walk after breakfast and bought some necessities.

What he bought on the day was toothpicks.

Samurai toothpicks

For some reason, the name of the Italian toothpicks is “Samurai”.

Apparently it has been the same since he was a child.

He bought some surgical masks from a pharmacy, too.

When he told the pharmacist what happened in Alitalia, she said ” Alitalia is particularly strict. It is not the national rule” and told him about the effects of different masks, listing the product numbers.

For lunch, we went out to the indoor market near the old town of Alghero.

entrance of the market

When the woman from the estate agent gave us a lift on the first day, she pointed out at this market and said “You can eat inside there”.

She had said it opened only in the morning, so we left home before noon.

The market was not very big and very simple.

The building was from the 19th century apparently, but it was nothing like the gorgeous ones such as in Valencia in Spain, for example, and it was a down to earth market which the locals use.

inside market

It was late for the market activities, so some vendors were starting clearing things up and it was not lively.

The main thing they sell was seafood which occupied the three-fifths of the floor and the rest was vegetables stalls.

There were small rooms surrounding the main floor where the butchers were in.

The restaurant was on the left hand side when you enter there from the front entrance.

It was about noon, but the restaurant would open at 12:30 pm.


And it seemed that a lot of tables were booked.

While we were waiting, we bought some vegetables including fennels, my husband’s favourite, tomatoes and plums.

I had thought plums were all red, but there were some yellow ones here.

A shop owner cut one pricklypear for us and we tried a bit of it.

It was very sweet, though there were many hard seeds.

We bought some of them, too.

very tasty prawns

Now the restaurant opened and we sat down.

My husband had the grilled squid, I had Sarago (white seabream) and we shared prawns.

With a bottle of water and two glasses of wine, it cost €46.

Everything was fresh of course, so the simple cooking was the best.

I was more satisfied than the night before at the pretentious restaurant.

We should come back here.

In the evening, because we had good big lunch, we had only salad and cheese for supper.

our simple supper

When we turned the TV on, the English travel program was on.

In Italy, all the foreign programmes are dubbed, which is annoying.

For this programme, the main person had a totally different voice in Italian, which spoiled the show.

After this, a ballet at Teatro alla Scala was broadcast which made me very happy.

My favourite Roberto Bolle was dancing, too.

Watching the local TV in the living room like this made me feel that we were really ‘living’ here.