Excursion to Nara

Excursion to Nara

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting.

[April, 2013] During my stay in Osaka we decided to go to Nara for one day.

Nara was the first capital of Japan.

It took us almost one hour to get there by train.

This town did not get damaged during the World War II and the antique Japan is preserved.

It is quiet and calm, a perfect location where you can stay away from the active life in the urban Tokyo.

There are some of the most important temples in Japan, for example the Todai-ji and the Toshodai-ji.

It was the final destination of the Silk Road long time ago and it was an international town.

For this reason, the structure of the temples and some of the paintings have some Greek, Persian or Indian influence.

Before taking the train back, we had a lunch in a typicall restaurant.

I don’t know how many of you know the anime “Kiss me Licia” but the inside of this restaurant reminded me of Licia’s father called “Marrabbio”.

The jealous father was specialized in the Okonomiyaki cooking.

Here the main dish was Oden, though, a tipycal dish of Nara.

It was wonderful…