Appreciate fresh shellfish

Appreciate fresh shellfish

[ Jan.2013] Early in January, we had a short family trip to Iseshima in Japan.

I do not mean that we payed a visit to the Ise Shrine, which would be very very crowded in this season, but we concentrated on eating and playing.

First we went to one of those simple small restaurants near Toba railway station and ate grilled shellfish.

Around here, there are 5 or 6 very similar shops and in the end we went into the nearest one from the car park, which was eager in inviting.

I ate turban shell, big clam and others, and others in my family who cannot eat shellfish enjoyed lobster and Ise Udon noodle.

This place was not as busy as Tsukiji market restaurants, but again, it is not a restaurant to relax, but just to enjoy the fresh seafood quickly.