Nostalgic town

Nostalgic town

[ Jan.2015 ] We went to Ramen Museum in Shin-Yokohama in Japan with our family.

Ramen is a popular Japanese noodle soup dish.

I had only heard that this museum is a place where many Ramen shops are in and you can try many Ramens, so when we entered there, I was very surprised.

The first and the second floor of the basement was a very well made artificial old Japanese town.

Within that 9 ramen shops were very nicely blended in.

According to the leaflet, this is the town of 1958.

It is the year when Tokyo Tower, which we went just one day before was open.

The reason why they chose this year is that the world first instant Ramen was launched in this year.

My family member repeated “this makes me feel nostalgic!”.

For me, too, there were things which reminded me of old days such as a red pillar bix or a telephone box.

As for Ramen, in front of the popular shops there were long queues, so we chose the one which was not crowded.

It was a western style Ramen, they say, so it was a bit strange, but still, tasted good.

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