Udon of Kagawa

Udon of Kagawa

This is my friend, Bangly’s posting.

[Aprile, 2013] Kagawa prefecture in Japan is famous for its Udon (kind of noodles prepared with flour of wheat).

According to my Japanese friend, Udon that you can find in this area are thicker and more chewy than those you can eat in others area in Japan.

In the town of Kotohira I ate various types of Udon: simple one in soup with soya souce with tempura (fried fish and vegetables ) and the one with curry, both cold or warm.

The last one was served with soya souce, lemon and a kind of vegetable similar of onion cut very thin.

Small typicall restaurants are everywhere in the town, but in my opinion (and my Japanese friend agreed with me) the best one is located in front of our hotel and the name is Tenteko.