The able woman owner (Saint Emilion - France)

The able woman owner

[ May,2016 ] The tour to Saint-Emilion in France took us to a chateau called Grand Corbin Manuel. The female owner came out and explained about her business. This chateau itself is about 7 hectares but recently she acquired nearby chateau of about 19 hectares, so she became a major chateau owner around here. We listened to her doing the tasting of their wine with quite good foods including foie gras. She said that because the crops are different from one year to the another, what they have to do is different every year, such as the timing of picking. “It is not a monotonous work” she said. One of the wines we tried was made in 2008. She said. “Year 2008 was a difficult year and not only the amount of wine was less, but also it took so long to get ripe. Now finally it is good to drink”. To make wine, it takes 2 years, but to get profit out of wine making it takes 10 years. “It is a hard work” her expression was telling us. We wanted buy a dozen and have them sent, but she only knew how to send the products to wholesalers, and it seemed complecated, so we gave up.

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