How to do the wine tasting (France)

How to do the wine tasting

[ May,2016 ] During our boat tour, going down the Garonne river in France, after listening to the explanation on Bordeaux wine, we had the tasting.  We tried a red, a white and a dessert wine. I thought Bordeaux produces only red, but they do white as well. Our guide taught us how to do the wine tasting. First, ① Look at the colour of the wine with the white background, not in the air. If it is a bit purple, it means young. The ruby colour is just right to drink and if it is a bit orange, it is old. ② Smell the aroma. If you do not like the smell of it at this stage, you do not need to go ahead. ③ Swing the glass and let the wine have some air, then smell it again. This can be repeated again and again until you get satisfied. ④ Take some in your mouth and chew it so that wine goes all over your mouth. Then if you can, breath the air in from your mouth and out from your nose so that you can make sure of the aroma – – That is all. Since I learned this, I have been trying to do these actions quickly (because it is a bit embarrassing) whenever I drink wine.

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