Shopping in Saint-Emilion (Saint Emilion - France)

Shopping in Saint-Emilion

[ May,2016 ] After visiting a winery in Saint-Emilion regeion, we went to the town of Saint-Emilion itself. According to Marion, our guide, the name came from a monk called Emilion who lived in a cave around here and did some miracles around the 8th century. The town was very pretty, which reminded me of Tuscany in Italy. There is a largest monolithic church underneath the clock tower which is the highest building in this area. But our tour did not go into the church and kept on walking to a wine shop. Here we did three tastings. Other people left after that, but we stayed on and did other tastings. In the end, we bought a dozen of good bottles of Bordeaux wine as we had hoped. The shop knew very well about packing and sending, and dealt with it neatly and only after 3days or so, we received it in London.

Because we spent so much time there, we did not have time to look at the town properly. But only other thing we bought there was macarons.  They were not the familiar colourful macarons, but more like Italian Amaretti. I liked them 🙂

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