The Journey to Milan

The Journey to Milan

[July, 2011] From Freiburg in Germany to Milan in Italy, I planned to take two trains, changing once at Basel in Switzerland, arriving at Milan at around 11am.

But when I got the Freiburg station very early in the morning, I found that the train was delayed by as much as 25 minutes! Trains in Germany are not punctual, everybody.

We have to remember that.

The delayed train seemed to have hurried up and caught up the time a bit, but now I made a big mistake.

I was sleeping in the train, and when I woke up, the train was just arriving at Basel station so I hurried to get off.

But it was Basel Bad Bahnhof — Yes, it was the bad station for me, because I had to get off at Basel SBB, which was the next stop.

So I missed the booked train to Milan, and had to wait for more than2 hours at Basel station, and I had to change another time to get to Milan.

Finally I arrived at Milano Centrale at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

By the way the view from the window of the train was wonderful.

It was much better than Japanese cartoon, Heidi.

I must plan to travel in Switzerland properly, though Swiss Franc is very expensive…