Milano 3

Milano 3

[July, 2011] This is a photo from Milano 3, a newly developed area outside of Milan itself.

There are living area protected by private security company and the business area.

In the business area, there is the headquarters of a bank called Mediolanum, which has only one branch in the city, and bankers themselves go around to their clients.

The workers in the headquarters can leave their children free at the kindergarden, which is great, and there is a hotel for visitors to the bank to stay free, too.

Apparently Milano 3 is very popular and not many property go out  on the market.

But it is so protected that a person said that he has got a bit of concern for his children to go out of this society into the real world.

Berlusconi is a right wing politician, but this project has got some atmosphere of communist world, I thought.