Gorgeous castle

Gorgeous castle

[ Apr.2014 ] The last destination in Transilvania in Romania was this gorgeous castle.

It was built in 15th century and it is called Corvin Castle or Hunedoara Castle.

This is a very handsome castle, better than the famous Bran Castle, and it is on the cover of my guide book, but it is not so famous.

Maybe because it is located in an industrial town which has become rather poor after the communist regime finished.

According to the local guide who was nice and friendly, the well in the castle was dug by three Turkish prisoners.

They took 15 years to finish this 28 metres deep well.

They had a promise that after completing the well, they would be free.

But when the well was completed, the king who made this promise was already dead, and his wife told them that she never had heard of the promise and killed them.

Before being killed, one of the Turks carved : ” From this well you can get water but not soul” on the wall.

Steel has been produced around here and that has been the source of the prosperity historically.

And even now there was a factory of ArcelorMittal nearby.

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