Climb up the snowy mountain

Climb up the snowy mountain

[ Apr.2014 ] We climbed up this snowy mountain in Romania.

By ropeway, though.

We took it from a town called Busteni, which is a little north of Sinaia.

On the way up, the trees with snow on appeared just in front of us.

Our friends had warned us one day before leaving for Romania that the weather forecast had been for snow.

In fact, Romanian spring was colder than expected, so I was wearing winter jacket most of the time.

When I was taking photos from the dirty window of the ropeway, there was a sudden bustle in the gondola.

Apparently they saw a bear from the opposite window.

It was a shame, I could not see it.

I remember seeing a warning sign of bears in Sinaia.

Actually, there is a British tour to Romania for bear watching.

On the way back, I saw a wild black goat.

The place we reached was Cabana Babele ( Old Woman Cabin) of 2200 metres.

Some people started a serious hiking from there.

We had only a short walk, slipping on the snow here and there.

The view there was really gorgeous!

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