Shopping in Brasov

Shopping in Brasov

[ Apr.2014 ] You can enjoy shopping in Brasov in Romania, which is a quite big city.

This photo is the blouse of their national costume, which I bought there.

It is hand embroidered.

Actually, I bought one 9 years ago when I travelled in Romania for the first time, too.

I wear it in summer on the swimming costume on beaches.

This time, it was about 40% more expensive than the first time, but later in Bucharest I saw the similar blouse being cost about twice as much.

Romania is also famous for an anti-aging cream called Gerovital.

When I was looking at the anti-wrinkle product at a pharmacy 9 years ago, the shop assistant said ” you do not need it, yet”.

This time nobody said that, so I bought the one which is suitable for my age.