Volcano island (Santorini - Greece)

Volcano island

[ Aug.2013 ] The first destination of the Santorini sight-seeing boat was the island of Nea Kameni. This one is a relatively new island formed by an eruption of the submarine volcano in 1711.It is full of black lava.

Whole island is a mountain.

In other words, we had to climb up.On the way, there was a flat area called “A” and here the stuff explained about the island and then she said “Let’s go up to the top”.But I stayed at “A”.

Apparently the height of the mountain is about 130m and you can see the crater well at the top.From this island, Santorini’s white towns looked like snow.

They sell accessories made of lava in Fira.

They were pretty, so I bought one.

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