fascinating Lindos

fascinating Lindos
Greece-Rhods-Rhodes Town-old town-Grand Masters Palace-entrance
the way to the Grand Masters Palace

[ Sept.2019 ] The information officer in Rhodes Town in Greece strongly recommended us to visit Grand Maters Palace in the old town, so we went there.

However, when we got there, we found that the entrance fee was free on Saturday and Sunday on that weekend.

It was Friday, so we postponed entering there and suddenly decided to visit Lindos which is away from Rhodes Town.

We already had got the map and the bus timetable from the information office, so we knew that we could catch the 2 pm bus.

Only thing we did not know was that it took as long as 1 and a half hours by bus from Rhodes Town to Lindos.

Greece-Rhodes-Lindos-Acropolis-wall-white houses
the hill top Acropolis and white houses

We arrived in Lindos at around 3:30 pm and because we had planned something in the evening in Rhodes Town, we had to take 5:15 pm bus back.

So we stayed in Lindos less than two hours, which was a really shame because it was a very nice place which we could have stayed a few days.

We should have done more homework.

Lindos is made up with the hill with the Acropolis on top and many white houses surrounding it.

narrow street with many shops

We went down the slope a bit from the bus stop to a square from which we got into the town.

The street was narrow and on the both sides there were many attractive souvenir shops.

But of course we did not have time to look at them, so we just kept going upwards towards the Acropolis.

On the way, we got into a side road and saw the beautiful blue sea and the lovely beach.

The view of the small white houses were spectacular, too.

Because we went on on the side road, in the end we had to climb up the wild part of the hill, but it was also good fun.

The entrance fee for the Acropolis was as much as €12, but because we came all the way here, we had to go in.

By the way, if you are 65 or older, the price is half apparently.

After climbing up the first stairs, there was something looking like a ship carved on the rock.

According to the information board there, it was carved in the 2nd century BC, commemorating the victory of a naval battle.

the long staircase built by the Knights

Passing that, we climbed the long straight staircase.

I counted and there were 80 steps.

You need the physical strength to do sightseeing.

Even if the entrance fee is half price, you should not wait until you become 65.

The Acropolis itself is ancient, but this staircase as well as the wall were built in the medieval time by the Knights of St John apparently.