Unexpectedly not so solemn rite of baptism

Unexpectedly not so solemn rite of baptism

[September, 2012] I had a chance to join the rite of baptism in Italy.

By doing this ceremony, a baby becomes a Christian.

The Father  makes the sign of the cross on the baby and put his/her head into the holy water a bit.

What I was surprised was that they did this with 7 babies at the same time.

I wonder it is a baby boom time in Italy.

And each baby has got families and friends, so there were many people in the church including a lot of children.

So there was no momnet that the church was silent.

It was so different from what I imagined.

After the ceremony, we moved to a different place and ate and danced with live music.

The baby himself did not know anything and being hold by many people.

He did not cry at all and watched the adults.