Going up to the roof of Duomo

Going up to the roof of Duomo


2012] I went up to the roof of Duomo in Milan first time in 16 years.

Last time I remember I used the lift, but this time, I climbed up the staircase.

167 steps I counted! But it was not as hard as Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris I went up a few month ago.

According to my guide book, the building of the Duomo started in 1387, but because of lots of problems such as that the design was too difficult, or during the years, the design became out of fashion, etc, the building work went on very slowly.

So apparently people in Milan describe an impossible work as ‘like building Duomo’.

In the end, the last gate was completed in 1960s.

By the way, my guide book which was published in 2009 says that it costs 4 Euro to go up the stairs and 7 Euro for the lift, but in fact it was 7 Euro and 12 Euro respectively.

In Europe the inflation rate has been low for some time and this jump of prices are out of proportion.

Maybe because of the state debt problem…